Mahkota Hotel Melaka is located in the beautiful coastal area, the hotel is ideally located where the location allows guests to visit historical sites and entertainment, here is the location of the business district of Malacca. Mahkota Hotel Melaka is a business travelers to the ideal place to stay. Hotel from Melaka sightseeing and historical attractions just steps away. Good team and individual. Resort-style low rise building. Hotels with an area of ​​eight blocks from the main street hotel apartments. Exterior appearance of aging, you need to refresh.


Thirty-three century hotel located in Melaka Falls, adjacent thirty-three parade, the city’s main shopping and entertainment complex, and in short walking distance of local interests and different historical and commercial hub of Malacca. This is every person will have a holiday center an ideal location for tourism and shopping. Mahkota Hotel is a close Strait more luxurious four-star hotel, which has a distinctive cafes, bars, massage and a swimming pool, etc.; settled luggage, you can go hire wizard to play Malacca city.

Mahkota Hotel Melaka is located in the center close to Mahkota Parade, Malacca’s main shopping and entertainment district. Within easy walking distance to the city’s business and trade center, and many important historical attractions. Located in the city / town center.

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